Full & Half Frame Bags

My frame bags are designed for day rides on your fat bike or multi-day tours on the Tour Divide Route or anywhere you want to ride.    Half-frame bags are great for day rides where you want to be able to have a water bottle cage, but still have enough room for a light puffy, some tools and a tube and some food.

I love to talk riding - where you are going, where you've been, what's worked for you in the past and what you'd like to try for your next tour - all that helps me design a frame bag that works best for your style of riding.   And remember, this is a custom bag for you!  So let's talk about what you want.

My Fully loaded Jamis for the Fitz-Barn Ride.  I used a different material for the side panels and have two zippers on the drive-side pocket.
Full Custom Frame Bags ($150 - $170):
  • In general my frame bags are 2 inches wide with a large, full-bag width drive side pocket that has a double zipper and a slim pocket on the non-drive side.  The slim pocket is great for maps, gels, or other skinny items.  The main pocket is great for clothing, tools, tubes and food.
  • I use X-Pac side panels with water resistant #8 zippers. The velcro is backed with a grippy fabric that not only grips your frame well, but it also protects your frame from scratches.   I use 500 denier cordura packcloth lined with EVA foam on all baffle sections - that's the part of the frame bag that is in contact with your bike.  The foam helps protect your frame and also helps keep hard objects from making noise as you ride.  My frame bags are water resistant, but not water proof - I don't tape any of the seams, so I recommend when traveling in rainy areas to put things that need to stay dry in a dry bag inside the frame bag.
  • Options:
    • 3" wide bags 
    • Stretch Panels
    • 2 Zippers on the Drive Side Pocket with a Hydration Reservoir Sling (great for summer touring)
Jay P's Custom Frame Bag for his 9-Zero-7 Fat Bike.  This bag is 3 inches wide and has a stretch panel to give Jay  more flexibility in overstuffing his bag for long winter snow bike expeditions.
Half Frame Bags ($60-$80):
  • Great for day trips when you need space for extra clothes or food, but want to have access to a water bottle.
Dave's Half Frame Bag
What I need to create your Custom Frame Bag:   
  • I need a tracing of your frame with notes about where your derailleur hanger is located, any external water bottle braze-ons and any unusual cable routing.  In addition, if you already have a top tube bag, please let me know where the attachment points are so I can place the velcro on the frame bag accordingly. Frame tracings can be a butcher paper or newspaper - just make sure you use a think sharpie that's easy to see and hold the paper tight against the frame to ensure accurate sizing.  Interior frame measurements are also helpful.
    • I've made bags with only interior measurements.  This works okay for frames that have straight tubing and are pretty simple.  
  • Photos of your bike are great too and any color requests for stitching.

Lamont's Electric Bike & Frame Bag

Wes' Fat Back & Frame Bag

Salsa Beargrease with Frame Bag for Jess

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