Monday, January 23, 2012

Custom Frame Bag for Jay P

Jay's 9 Zero 7 Snow Bike Fully Loaded

Jay P asked me to create a custom bag for his new 9 Zero 7.   This will be the second time I have made something for Jay, and I am super excited that he asked me.

Jay's Great Divide Rig Pre-Zipper Blowout
Jay used the first set of bags I made this summer during the Great Divide leg of his No Idle Tour.    Unfortunately they had some serious zipper issues.  Jay basically rode most of the route with blown zippers held together by safety pins.   Lesson learned:  don't use size #5 zippers!

Close up of the Frame Bag

Jay and Tracey came over to my house to give me input on what he wanted in this bag.  Because his new bike is a compact frame, he wanted a wide frame bag with some particular features.   The bag I made for him is 3 inches wide with plastic stiffeners along the width to help give the bag some form.  There is also a stretch panel on the drive side - this should help give a bit more room and hopefully ease a bit of stress off the zippers.  The non-drive side has a flat pocket for small items like maps or bars.  Jay also wanted a carry handle on the top tube velcro straps and very wide velcro on both the top and seat tubes rather than just 2" velcro straps.   He still has access to bottle cage braze-ons on the outside of his down tube if he needs them.

I am really excited on how this bag turned out.  And I am looking forward to hearing how it performs for him in the Arrowhead 135 - his next race.  Go get'um Jay P!

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  1. Awesome show how and I love that your an outdoors kind of person! I have been searching for an insulation in Hamilton to do this now. Thank you for sharing your info.