Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Custom Frame Bag for Katie

Katie's 9 Zero 7 
I just completed a new custom frame bag for Katie's small (or is it an extra small ?) 9 Zero 7.  This is a full featured bag:  it's three inches wide, has a stretch panel on the drive side and slim pocket on the non-drive side and has a carry handle.  I used wide velcro for attaching the bag on the top, seat and down tubes along with 1 inch velcro at the corners.   The bag is made of XPAC Dimension Polyant which is waterproof and extremely durable.  The stretch panel is made of Schoeller Dynamic, a 2-way stretch fabric.  I also used a water resistant zipper so the bag should be  weather resistant.
Drive Side:  stretch panel with double zipper pulls.
I decided to make Katie a three inch wide bag with the stretch panel because her frame is so small. This bag should be large enough to carry a puffy, tube, pump, some food and hat and gloves even though the interior size of her frame is very small.  
Non-Drive Side has a slim pocket for bars, maps or  tools.

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