Friday, May 18, 2012

Seat Bag Prototype - Finished

My bike with my new seat bag and gas tank!

Gas Tank
 I've been working on a prototype seat bag for several months now - this is my third version.   Brandon will get to test it out in a couple weeks on an overnight bike packing trip the shop is doing.  Unfortunately I get to drive the SAG vehicle because I recently broke my ankle and I off the bike for at least 5 weeks (hopefully that will give me enough time to train for the Fitz-Barn once I get back in the saddle).

I've also been doing these gas tanks for a bit now as well, but I haven't shared any photos.  So here they are - pretty simple with fully adjustable velcro  so that you can fit the velcro around any frame bag attachments.

Seat Bag - third prototype!

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